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Internet Marketing - Lesson 1 "Niche Market Research"

Lesson 1 "Niche Market Research"

Step 1:
List down 10 things you like to do. It can be your Hobby or anythings you like to do when you are free.

If it is your passion, you're 100% more likely to follow through and Do Something.
In fact, you will make more money as your enthusiasm will impact your sales.
Example: Holiday, Cook, Fishing, Playing Games, Golf etc…….

Step 2:
Go to
Find the keyword Phrases (50-100) that related to your hobby. Always look for high search volume keyword phrases but with low Competition.
Good Keyword is the monthly/Average Searcher with minimum 1000.

Spend at least 1 hour per day to do the keyword research.
Worst Scenario 3 Hours/Week!

Step 3:
Save the keyword in excel format. These keywords are going to add to your website content.
Repeat this step for 1- 3 to find your niche market before we meet up for one-to-one/online coaching

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How to Invite Like a Pro

How to Invite Like a Pro
by Tim Sales

I really hope you will thoroughly study the process of
learning how to invite, because this is where you get
good at Nétwork Markétíng.

I've said it for 10 years: you can be terrible at
everything else and still earn good money in Nétwork
Markétíng if you're good at inviting. If you can invite
well, you can always put prospects in front of good
presenters and good trainers.

The word invite in the context that I'm using it is
the act of asking someone to do something. Go to a
movie, meet for breakfast, watch a video, etc.

In Nétwork Markétíng you're inviting people to look at
either the business or the product or both.

1.Business: This is where you show and educate your
prospects about Nétwork Markétíng. Have them really
understand and believe in its ability to provide
adequate income and time freedom. Then show your
product or service. This style is sometimes called
"top down" or "business first."

2.Product: Show your prospects only the product (skin
care, nutrition, telephone services, Internet services).
After your prospect falls in love with the product
they'll know the business is viable. This style is
called "bottom up" or "product first."

The lack of understanding of these two methods causes
much frustration to those of us who are in Nétwork
Markétíng and those who are not.

Why are People Confused?

Perhaps the best way for me to explain why the confusion
takes place is with an example of a stockbroker. What
does the stockbroker sell? You may reply, stocks. Well,
not really. What the stockbroker actually sells is that
you can make money with a stock. So the money you'll
make is the product. You may have heard this referred
to as "markétíng intangibles." This is very much like
Nétwork Markétíng because often the presenter prefers
to "market the intangible," i.e., that you can make
money. This isn't necessarily a bad method, unless
you're talking to someone who doesn't understand this

Suppose we're talking to a person who comes from a
retail sales background. Let's say she owns a wax
candle shop. If she hears a presenter talking about
all the money she can make in nétwork markétíng, she'll
constantly be struggling to understand where the money
is coming from. Many times these people are walking
around after the typical presentation saying, "I don't
get it". The reason she doesn't get it is because she's
used to holding in her hands the tangible product that
makes her the money.

This also works in reverse. If you approach a
stockbroker and rub hand lotion on his hands and
say, "you can make a lot of money doing this", he
won't get it either. He'll see it as a little "pretty
party thing." Certainly not something that could
create a lot of money.

What's My Point?

How you invite, whether business first or product first
will have much to do with "knowing" your prospect. This
is the reason networking with people you know is so
effective. This is also why you should master both
business and product invitations.

In your nétwork markétíng company, take the approach
that you're starting your own company. You need a
board of directors. In nétwork markétíng we call them

The most important thing for you to understand at this
point is you don't necessarily have to know these
people. You probably won't. You may personally find
these leaders or someone in your organization could
lead you to them.

What character traits do you want in your leaders? What
character traits do your leaders want in you? Why is
this important for inviting?

Eagle Eye

Your greatest asset will become your eagle eye at
picking leaders. I've not found a better way to teach
how to spot a leader than just plain experience.
However, you can look for certain traits.

Here is a list of character traits you do want in
your board of directors...

* high self esteem
* goal driven
* entrepreneurial
* business minded
* owner mentality
* ready to act now
* decisive
* mentally tough

Conversely, here's a list of traits you don't want in
your board of directors...

* passive
* wishy-washy
* employee mentality
* not ready to act
* low self-esteem
* easily influenced by others
* worries about what others think

How well you do at inviting will greatly depend on the
growth of your communication skills. Most people have
difficulty with communication. I did! However, the more
I study it, the more I realize that communication is
what makes or breaks us in life.

It's your ability to woo your significant other. It's
your ability to get a job, get a raise, get a promotion,
get along with others in the office. The signs on the
road are the City communicating with us, giving us
driving instructions. Whether written or verbal,
communication is life. Don't most conflicts stem from
mis-communications? Ever hear "You don't understand me?"
It's definitely a skill worthy of much research and

Don't Like "Sales?"

Often, when people don't think they're good at
communication they'll use the phrase, "I don't like
sales" or "I'm not a sales person." Sales has nothing
to do with it. In fact when you picture a sales person,
what you're picturing is a poor communicator. When
you've been sold, you knew it. You felt it. When
you're in the presence of a really good communicator
you may have bought something, but you were never sold

A good communicator will never sell what his prospect
won't buy. There's no way they could get there. A good
communicator, whether a nurse or a networker listens
and helps people get what they want.

That's all. A nurse has to learn the appropriate
questions to ask so he/she can find exactly what the
needs of the patient are. They must also learn the
appropriate responses to the standard questions and
concerns the patient has. A networker also must learn
the needed questions and the appropriate responses to
common objections so they can help their prospect get
what they want.

Qualify or Not

Both of the Invitations below are the truth. Which one
do you think will work?

Invitation 1
An invite call asking a girl on a date:
Boy: "I saw you on campus the other day and I'm
interested in finding out more about who you
are. I grew up in Boston, my parents are from
New England. My dad's in the banking business.
I'm studying finance as well. What are your
interests? Are you available should I want to
marry you? How many kids do you want? I want
3 kids. What's your religion? Shall we sit down
and discuss the possibilities?

Invitation 2
Boy: "I've seen you on campus and you seem to be a
fun person. I'd like to take you to lunch and
get to know you better. How does that sound to

Both have the same purpose in mind for meeting.
The argument in this industry is which one is better?
People who are pro invitation #1 will tell you that
they're pre-qualifying their prospects. So they're not
wasting their time on people who don't qualify. The
outcome was that this guy had to make 72 calls to get
a girl to say "sure, why not."
The outcome was 72 calls = 1 date.

People who are pro invitation #2 will say that you sit
down for lunch and you put your agenda aside and you
just talk and be friendly. You listen to them. Find out
what their needs and desires are. Help them get it.

The outcome was, she isn't interested in going out
with you but she thinks you're a great guy and has
3 roommates and 2 sisters who she wants to set you
up with.
The outcome was 1 meeting = 5 dates.

I'm suggesting to you that invitation #1 is "sales"
and that invitation #2 is "networking."

I've heard distributors invite people to look at
nétwork markétíng much like invitation #1. I'm not
kidding. To show you, pick up a tape recorder and
record yourself. Even though you know you're recording
what you say, your conversations will still resemble
invitation #1. Example: "My company does this, I'm
making x amount of money, my company has this, and
I have this, etc...

Learning how to properly invite and truly network with
people is not always easy, but can be profitable for
you. I commend your willingness to study it. Be a
student of this inviting subject forever, but don't
wait more than a week before doing it, even if it's
just tiny steps.

About Tim: About Tim: In 1989, near the end of an
11-year tour with the US Navy Underwater Bomb Squad
Team, Tim answered an ad in the Washington Post
newspaper that led him to his first and only nétwork
markétíng company. Five years later his nétwork
markétíng income rose to over $150,000 per month with
over 56,000 people in his organization. His most
noted contribution to the Nétwork Markétíng Industry
is the Brilliant Compensation presentation. In
addition, Tim is a teacher at the university-affiliated
Nétwork Markétíng Certificate Seminar sponsored by the
University of Illinois at Chicago. To learn more about
Tim visit his website at :

Why Should I Join Network Marketing?

Why Should I Join Network Marketing?
by David Ledoux

Imagine speaking with a prospect over the phone late one
evening.  After a few minutes, the grenade gets lobbed at
you.  'Tell me please, ' quips the prospect, 'Why should
I join network marketing?'.

Here is how I would answer...

Your question, 'Why should I join a network marketing
company?' can't be easily answered by me because I don't
know what your unmet goals, dreams and aspirations are.

I guess to adequately answer the question, I have to ask
you another in return.

'What are you currently dissatisfied with in your life?'

Network marketing is different things to different people.
It generally sorts into three categories.

For the vast majority, Category A means being part of the
network marketing community simply to get life-changing
products and services at a discount.  The quality of
network marketing products is superior in the vast majority
of cases to commercial stores.  It has to be simply from
the fact that companies that rely 100% on satisfied
word-of-mouth sales would perish quickly with inferior
standards.  But the guarantees are there to protect you.
Try it.  Decide for yourself.  Having a great product only
matters after you try it.

If you like it, great, I can help you buy it at wholesale.
If you don't like it, we're still friends....

For some people, Category B means that network marketing
becomes a second stream of household income.  I have yet
to meet a family that has all the money they need saved
away for retirement.  With economic factors being the way
they are, I can't argue this point with you either. Either
you want to work a few hours per week building a retirement
cash flow with network marketing or you don't. I personally
have seen people from every walk of life imaginable do
this business.  I know a 19-year old student and a 74-year
old great-grandmother making exciting part-time incomes
in this industry.

And finally, for a small percentage of people, Category C
means that network marketing is a financial vehicle that
can make big dreams come true.  It can be difficult to
imagine building a stream of income in less than 3-5 years
that can pay you for life.  But my wife and I have done
it, and I know over a hundred personal friends that have
done it as well.  Steady bonus checks for thousands or
even tens of thousands of dollar per month.  New cars,
new homes, cruises, travel, the nice things that
working-class people dream of but rarely see.

Can you possibly imagine the freedom that comes with
having a cash flow of $500, $600, even a thousand dollars
every single day of the year?  If you had asked me ten
years ago, I would have said no.  I was earning $475 per
week, driving an old van, and barely making ends meet.
I was so dissatisfied however that I decided to change
my future.

It is truly amazing how much untapped potential lies
dormant in every man and woman.

To answer your question, 'Why network marketing?' I think
I would have to reply, 'Which category excites you the
most, A, B or C?'

Re-read this article and ask yourself, 'Why Not Me?'

David Ledoux has been involved in the Nétwork Markétíng
industry for 15 years. He is an author, speaker and
million dollar earner. To discover more jealously-guarded
secrets of making $100,000.00 or more every year through
M.L.M check out his new book, The Ultimate M.L.M Blueprint
for Massive Success.  The book and a FREE M.L.M Training
ezine are available online at

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How Does A Newbie Make Money Online

How Does A Newbie Make Money Online

The first thing you must know as a Newbie in order to start making money by internet marketing, is that this business is not about having to harassing people into buying stuff from you.

This is precisely the beauty of this business, you do not have to chase down anybody to make sales, find and get paid for leads or generate ad revenue. Internet marketing enables you to make money in a completely different fashion, which benefits from a great deal of automation.

Sure some of the traditional doctrine of marketing will be applicable to internet marketing, but a very important part of this business is just about coordinating your efforts toward precise actions that are proven to give results, and believe me, you have to be no guru to get them to work for you.

For example, SEO (search engine optimization) is a proven method to generate revenue through the use of websites, blogs or any other appropriate form of landing page, because by using this method you will generate what will be the central drive of your business: Traffic, and best of all free!

Already Getting Scared by this (haha) dont worry read through and see if it makes any sense there is always easy video tutorials step by step intructions for all of this.

However, this traffic will not translate in just a number of random visits, it will be a load of targeted visitors because they will land on your website after submitting a search looking to find what you have to offer, whether it is information, products or simply a nice time. Either way, each visit you generate through SEO is a qualified visit with a huge possibility to do what you would like in your website (it could be to pay for a product, provide information or simply click on your ads, amongst some of the ways of generating revenue).

You only have to keep in mind that SEO is a lot of work, it is absolutely worth it, but I would say this is a long term method rather than a fast track method.

An alternative proven technique is the use of CPA networks in conjunction with Google AdWords and domain forwarding. This way of approaching the internet marketing affair simplifies things a little and enables you to attain almost instantaneous results, because in this case you will be able to start moving an ideal internet marketing system (which includes a landing page, targeted traffic and low resistance procedures for your visitors like email submissions, free of charge trials etc.) and profiting from it very fast.

By using this system you can start quickly making money because you do not need a website, nor you need to create content or waste to much time optimizing your site or bog, with the added benefit that you can quickly scale up your business.

However, it is significant to note that even this straightforward technique demands for you to know what you are doing. You cannot just hurl yourself at the mercy of Google AdWords, because as clear-cut as this method might be, you can in no way overlook the fundamental rules of the game if you really would like to generate money.

By: Dawn Uili
Article Directory:
Newbie or pro you can always learn more and watch the profit margin grow buy implimenting the latest techniques.

Multi Level Marketing - MLM

The Actual Fact

Last week, one of my friends invited me for a Multi-level marketing (MLM) presentation. This is my 5th visit to this kind of MLM opportunity talk.
Personally, I used some of their good products, however, I have never really a hard-core MLM to a point that I would promote the business setup and start recruiting others to join.

I have neither objections nor strong support of MLM.

However, I would like to share my thought on multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as network marketing.

If you say to someone that you’re in MLM, you’ll get one of two reactions: They either love MLM themselves or buy into the business model, or they hate it. Those who love it see the potential upside. Those who hate it have either been burned in the past or are sick of friends hounding them with a “new business opportunity.”
The main reason is that, although MLM companies do offer a variety of products (usually good products at reasonable prices and sometimes higher price compare to major hypermarkets), many MLM marketers see the possibility of making more money with their "downstream" (the people they sign up who will sell products and share a cut of the profits) than with actually selling products. And, for the most part, many MLM companies spend more time encouraging their new recruits to build the downstream rather than sell products. I would say 90% of the time; they will start with recruiting member then only tell you about their products.

I know people who have not been successful with MLM. And, I know people who earn a living (not "get rich quick" but actually earn a living) with MLM. Frankly, the ones who were not successful tried to do it as a sideline to their regular job and spent more time trying to find additional recruits. The ones who earned a living – who were successful – did so by not placing such a priority on the downstream and rather spent their energy and focus on selling products.
And if that’s the case – if the successful ones are the ones who are selling the products, not building a downstream – then they are simply independent sales people with a catalogue of products. But success with that method requires some sweat.

The Actual Fact
• The failure rate is extremely high, something like 99.8%.
• The ease of start-up can cause people to get into several MLM companies causing a lack of focus and makes the person far more likely to fail.
• Hard to distinguish a legitimate company or opportunity from a scam. Read up this guide to identify MLM SCAM.
• High chances to lose your friends and family. They may not at all understand what you are trying to accomplish. Hopefully, you will get very helpful support from others, but realize that they may not support you at all, no matter how dedicated you are!
• A lot of promises and inaccurate “get-rich quick” claims. When success doesn’t come quickly, a person may be more likely to quit and join another MLM opportunity.

Should You Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Multi Level Marketing Opportunities?

When I first got involved with multi level marketing opportunities I was always told to invite my family and friends over to a hotel meeting if I wanted to seriously see big results. From there, it was said that they will get sold and you I wouldn't have to do any of selling because of the professional presenters that are in front of the stage would do it for me. Plain and simply that didn't work for me not only because my family and friends were not interested but because they never showed up!

This brings me to a very important point. If you continue to target these types of people you will get nowhere. The reason why you will get nowhere is because they are not interested in what you have to offer. For the most part your family and friends do trust you but they do not trust your business mind. Most of our relatives are more interested in watching their favorite TV show like American Idol than then they are interested in securing their financial futures. I know it's sad but hey it's the truth and we have to live with the truth.
I had to learn this the hard way after month of bothering them. I also lost many friends this way because I was known as a man who was promoting one of those scams.
How can you make this right? Instead focus on the 200 million other people who are interested in what you have to offer. There are tons and tons of people out there looking for way to make extra money or start their own home based business. This is where you want the bulk of energy to go to every single day. The people that are negative don't matter and you must ignore them if you want to build your network marketing empire.

Are All MLM Money Making Opportunities Bad

When bringing up the subject of MLM or network marketing to the vast majority of people looking for an income opportunity, they will immediately make the claim that they are all a pyramid scheme, and want nothing to do with them. But what they do not understand is that an MLM home business can be designed around the pyramid structure without being an actual illegal pyramid. And think about it, what other form of business parallels this?
Consider corporate America and all the large sales companies around the world. They all have a tiered compensation structure where salespeople are getting commission off their sales. Sales managers are getting monthly bonuses, as well as the directors, the VPs and right to the top. No one gives this a second thought, why, because there's nothing wrong with it.

What makes an MLM an illegal pyramid is when the company money is all being made off of signing up other people, with little or no real product ever being delivered? People are told that they'll make money based on the number of new recruits they bring in. With the idea that the higher up on the pyramid they are, the more money they are going to make. But in time, pyramid schemes collapse, as the recruiters on the bottom are not able to bring in enough new participants to support those at the top.

Some people feel that if a company is asking you for money to join their business, it has to be a scam. But that really is the standard franchising model used for starting this type of business. And the price you pay is nothing compared to the price you would be paying to start your very own business from the ground floor.
Many people are searching for financial freedom, time freedom, the chance to become their own boss, and the luxury of working from home. But the second you mention that they will need to invest in their own business, they consider it a red flag, and turn their back the opportunity.

Muti level marketing (MLM) or network marketing continue to get bashed from people that either failed in the business, or knew someone that knew someone who failed in the business. It is unfortunate that some were led down the wrong road and were cheated out of their hard earned money from an MLM company. But this does not make the entire industry bad.

First of all, always do your homework before jumping into anything. And the second thing you need to remember is never jump into anything! Insist on taking your time to think over your decision, understand the company you are considering joining and the product or service they represent.

And always remember that no matter how good of a product you are promoting, or how great the company turns out to be, you will still need to invest a lot of time and dedication into your business in order to make it successful. You cannot be afraid to invest in your business, both time and money.

There can be any number of reasons why a person fails in MLM money making opportunities. And some are because of illegal pyramid schemes, or dishonest network marketers. But sometimes it is simply because a person lacks experience or dedication to their business. Some people are not self starters, some lack motivation, and some simply never received the training required to succeed.
No one knows you better than you do. Don't compare yourself to those who fail. You know your limitations, your aspirations, your wants and your goals. It is up to you to lead yourself in the direction that is right for you. And that may or may not be one of the many MLM opportunities out there. The decision is yours to make.

Why Join a Business With Residual Income?

If you are you thinking about trying to make money but have not thought to join a business with residual income you should really think twice. If you are not sure what a residual income is, it is basically selling a product once and getting paid for your entire life as long as the person you referred remains a customer. Obviously this is a very powerful way to generate income for most people but you may not know how to do this for yourself. You are some tips on how you can make that happen.

1. You are going to have to find something to promote. No matter what way you look at it,you're going to have to sell something in order to make money. Whether it's a product or service, your going to have to find customers that want what you have and are willing to spend money on. You can become an affiliate for different programs but you must make sure that they pay recurring income if you want to get paid residual income for your efforts. Most affiliate programs only pay you once so make sure you read the terms and that shows you will be getting paid every single month.

2. The second option would be my favorite actually. It would be to join a network marketing company because these programs all pay a residual income to their distributors. There are many network marketing programs to choose from, going from health products, juice drinks, or even website hosting packages. It all depends on what's on your mind and what you ultimately decide you want to promote. Whatever it is make sure it is affordable for yourself and for your family and you don't blow all of your money getting into an opportunity.
When I first ran into residual income I literally wanted to smack myself because I didn't understand the power of it at a younger age. But I'm glad I do now and it is something you should look into very seriously also if you want to build a solid financial future

MLM Network Marketing Opportunity Deadly Mistakes!

If you are trying to promote your MLM network marketing opportunity you may be making some deadly mistakes. Most network marketing trainers don't tell you this but most of the training is outdated such as calling your family and friends, bringing them to hotel meetings, and passing out flyers. Trust me I did this for very long time and it never seems to work out for me. This doesn't mean that it doesn't work for anyone, but speaking personally it can put you through a lot of heart ache when you do not see results. Here are some mistakes I made in that I hope you do not make yourself.

1. I truly believe you should stay away from your family and your friends. Sure they love you and everything but you must remember that they are not out there looking for an opportunity. You should be focused on the people who are looking for you back to you want your energy to go. For the most part they will just look at what you have to offer out of pity and will be very negative and think that you are just in one of those scams.

2. Hold your flyers. I have also passed out many flyers throughout my network marketing career and have realized that they are not very effective. I have even had the experience of getting them ripped up in my face and laughed at. If you have a strong heart go for it, if not then I suggest you don't.

3. If you are not using the Internet you are making a very deadly mistake. Most of my upline mentors told me that the Internet was not a viable way to do business when it comes to network marketing. This is very untrue, if you learn how to market on the Internet and attract the right type of people to you you can bring a ton of people into your organization. They are used to the old and outdated method, but you do not have to to go that way. Develop a system for yourself that you feel comfortable with and continue to do it every single day.

Use Attraction Marketing to Succeed With Multi Level Marketing Programs

Many people don't know what attraction marketing is and also many people don't know how to use attraction marketing in their multi level marketing programs. Basically what I've come to think of it is attraction marketing is getting people to like you and relate to you. If someone can relate to you, then they will join your business. I have noticed that people don't join opportunities or compensation plans, for the most part they join other people.

How can you get people to be attracted to you?
First off you don't have to be good looking or anything like that so don't even think about it. What you have to do is become knowledgeable in the subject. Other people want to join leaders, people who can help them in their business and show them the way.

What does this mean to you?
It means that you need to get to work and start studying up and becoming a more attractive person. Sure you not to know all the knowledge there is in the world but as long as you know a little bit more than your prospect you are the expert in their eyes.

If you are just sitting back and doing nothing and thinking you're going to build a huge network marketing downline by just recruiting recruiting recruiting and not actually becoming a better person, then you have another thing coming. You must learn to become more and thus you will attract more.

What you could begin to do is start listen to great personal development speakers such as Jim Rome, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins etc. and so many more. Learn, grow and become more and you will attract the right type of prospects and potential distributors into your company.

Multi Level Marketing Programs - How You Can Succeed and Be a Top Earner in Your Company
If you want to become a top earner in your multi level marketing programs you need to remember one thing, success is only going depend on one person and that's yourself. Too many times do I see people failing in a company and pointing the finger at the company and not themselves. Once you decide to treat it like a business and give it time to grow is when you will see results.

Here are some tips to get you started on the right track.

1. Develop a business schedule. When you go to a store around the corner for example you see have a business schedule don't you? Well you're going to have to post the same thing next to your office. You have to know what times of the day you were will work on your business and what times of the day your not. When it's time to work, put everything else out and get the job at hand accomplish.

2. Most of the top people have workout partners who they continually mastermind with. What a workout partner basically does is they help you when times are tough and when you may not have confidence in yourself. In the beginning of your network marketing journey your going to run into a lot of roadblocks. When you have a workout partner right by your side they are not going to let you give up and vice versa you will do the same thing for them.

3. Continue to find new mentors to learn from. You have to be a student all the time no matter how smart you are. There is no top network marketer who does not continue to learn every single day. What this means is that you'll continually have to go out there and read books, buy new material and become an overall smarter person.

4. Focus on the people who deserve your time. Too many times do I see network marketers trying to attract people who are plain old negative and don't want to even start a business in the first place. There are millions of people out there looking for an opportunity to make some extra money from home and are even thinking about starting a network marketing business. Don't you think these are the type of people that you need to put your message in front of?
I sure do, and that's your real job... to find the people who are ready out there looking for you and position yourself in front of them with your message

My System is Better Than Yours

Here's a quick test. Go into any network marketing forum online and ask this question in this way . . . "I'm new to the network marketing industry and I'm looking for a good company to join, does anyone have any good suggestions?"
And then just watch what happens...

First off, it's going to be the most popular thread in the forum for about a week or so, and second it's going to be filled with network marketers jumping to your rescue telling you why their company is so much better than the next guys, and you know what? It really doesn't matter. Until those in the industry understand that it's not about companies it's about delivering unique value to your growing and developing organization network marketing it's going to continue to have a high failure rate. If you ever get taught to handle the objection of "why I should join your business" by your upline by explaining the comp plan and how great the product or service is do NOT do it!

Why? It's wrong first off - it's exactly what the other 20 people trying to get your recruit are doing and that potential recruit is confused out of his or her mind because of it all. And it's not really what they are looking for. Let me explain a little more about network marketing than you might want to know. The industry is great. It allows average everyday people like you and I do achieve extra ordinary things and grow into the people that deserve it, but when we start we're not extra ordinary we just have a hope. And we take a leap of faith.
We join a business and we say "Just tell me what to do to make money and I'm on it" Not wrong, but dangerous because we take a leap for a second and then we revert to the old J.O.B. mentality. "Just give me a job I can do that will make me money and I'll go do it" Is what they are really saying. And so what most sponsors do is they give their recruits exactly that . . . A job. And the worst job in the world at that; Call a bunch of people you don't know and read a some script to them and take what comes at you. Yuck! But we happily oblige, and for most that job never pans out.

The danger is . . .
We try to build the company up into something irresistible that our prospects can't help but to join and in the process diminish ourselves into obscurity. Very dangerous because this leaves the prospect choosing between companies, something we have no control over when, in fact, we should be making them choose US, something we have complete control over. When they choose YOU you can win a lot more than when they are choosing between corporations. Think back . . . Why did you join your company or last company? Was it because of the company OR the person in the company that was going to show you how to use the company as a vehicle to your life's dreams. Most of us choose a company for the second reason whether we consciously know it or not and it's why we should choose a company in the end anyway.

A network marketing company is only as strong as it's leaders and a leader is only as strong as his or her leaders. And what leaders do is they take the choice of choosing the company that a prospect joins away from the technical aspects of the company and make their prospects decided whether or not to choose them. And when they think from that standpoint most of the time they turn into top recruiters.

People choose people.
Make your prospect think about joining YOU instead of your company, almost as if the company could be anything - it's just something in the background that you are going to use to help THEM achieve their most exciting dreams, and once you start doing this you'll start recruiting more people than you can handle. As an industry we MUST get away from diminishing ourselves and building up our company and start to do the exact opposite. But don't wait for the industry to change -Start the change in you right now.

Can Multi Level Marketing Overcome Bad Reputation in Home Businesses

If you Google multi level marketing you can find enough negative articles concerning this type of home business to keep you from ever giving one an honest attempt. And that could be very unfortunate for the person doing the research.
I do give you credit for taking the time to do your research, but be sure you spend enough time to check out the pros and cons of the MLM business opportunity before making your decision. Understand the reasons why a person fails at this style of income opportunity. Let the final decision be yours, and not from someone else that failed. Your circumstances may be all together different from theirs.
The real issues do not necessarily stem from the actual MLM, but rather from some of the people involved in the industry. Because network marketing is really just a business model. It has a very low cost of entry, compared to starting your own business from the ground up. And multi level marketing gives you the potential for exceptional revenue. And many people do achieve success.

So once you determine that MLM's do work, and you can accept that, you can move forward to try and understand what you have to look out for, and what you have to do to have success with an MLM.

Some network marketers purposely over-sell the opportunity to people. They tell people what they want to hear to get them to sign up, and then forget them while moving on to their next victim. They are deceptive when talking about their business, and how there is very little work involved in becoming truly successful.
Anyone with previous business experience knows that this is not true. But a lot of people get in home businesses without any previous business experience, or previous sales experience. They allow no money for promoting their business, and dedicate very little time to making it work. A lot of network marketers will allow a person to join on a dream take their money and run.
This gives the entire industry a bad name. All people in network marketing are then considered to be crooks. And all multi level marketing home businesses are said to be involved in an illegal pyramid scheme. This is so unfortunate, and so untrue.

To prejudge something based on the basis of a small minority of people is unfair to the millions of people successfully involved in multi level marketing. It is also bad for the people that are considering this business, but then back away because of the reputation it has been given. I suggest you take your time, fully research the business opportunity, as well as potential companies, and then make a sound decision.

Starting a Web Based Business - 3 Important Factors That Will Determine Your Online Success

For some people, starting a web based business is something that can give them a headache. However, for some who are up to the challenge, having your very own web business is equivalent to financial freedom. Well, I'd like to say that I do agree with both statements.

Starting your own web business can and will indeed give you a couple or a few symptoms of headache, at least when you are just on the learning and setting up stages of the whole process. However, it is also very much true that once you have setup your online business and then begin to witness that continuous and unstoppable flow of cash, then you will surely enjoy the feeling of being free from financial worries.

In order to succeed in starting a web based business of your own, you will need to consider 3 highly essential factors. Ignore these factors and you could be another candidate to fail with online business. And, what are these essential factors?

Here they are:
First Factor - Initially, what you need to do is consider your own self interests before you decide what online business model you will be going after. A lot of aspiring online entrepreneurs fail not because they lack the resources or knowledge, but because they chose a business model that is not within their own interest.

It is best that you choose something within your passion. Yes, passion is the key, if you have this key factor then you will enjoy what you do which will definitely give you a much bigger chance for success.

Second Factor - The next big thing you need to take into consideration is to learn about internet marketing. You see, in whatever business existing whether offline or online, promotion is always one of the major keys to success. No matter how good the product or service you offer, if you cannot find ways for prospects to find your offer then there is no way you will make profits. Once you start a web based business, it will be marketing that will sustain the growth and stability of your business.

Third Factor - The last but certainly not the least factor you need to consider is you've got to have the willingness to keep on learning. You need to be aware that the internet world just keeps on growing and innovating unstoppably. It does not stop on improving. There is always something new out there that you should be aware of and willing to learn. This factor will determine how well you keep up with your competitors.

3 Tips You Must Follow to Succeed in Network Marketing

There is a lot more people joining network marketing and home based businesses since the economic crisis and the reason for this can only be that know one is taking anything for granted in terms of job security.... and are looking at ways to supplement or even replace there income.

What most newcomers are not really prepared for is the exceptionally high failure rates there are in this industry.....around 97% of people fail when starting a home based business, now does that make it a SCAM? Well of course not it's just that most people are not fully prepared for what it takes to be successful online and end up quitting far to early due to lack of budget and proper mentoring from sponsors.

Here are some marketing tips to get you on the right road and to profiting in your business as soon as possible.

1. Be Prepared - You need to be prepared to put in a lot of work to get your business up and running. You will be faced with many challenges along the way and its how you are able to deal with these challenges that will ultimately determine your success.
When most people are faced with difficult challenges they take the easy way out and quit then blame everybody but themselves, these types of people are never going to find success because they lack the proper mindset.
You need to believe in yourself first and develop a winning mentality that allows you to overcome any challenges you may face because you know the answers are out there and you won't stop till you find them, if you can develop this mindset then inevitably you will be successful in anything you choose to do.

2. Continue your Education - Never stop your education no matter how successful you become, always strive to be the best you can be. Set aside an hour or 2 each day for developing your sills and keep up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques and strategies.
I suggest setting aside a budget each month that you are willing to spend on your education whether that's $20 - $100 or $1000 it does not really matter as long as you are willing to invest in yourself then you are already doing more for you and your business than 90% of your competition is.

3. Find The Right Mentor - this has to be one of the most important tips I could give any newbie entering internet marketing for the first time. Spend as much time as you can doing some research on the mentors or team of mentors that are in the company you are looking at, make sure they have a proven track record and have testimonials to back them up.

You would also want to talk with potential sponsors before you decide to join any team to get a feel for what they can offer you in terms of training and support because this will ultimately determine your success in this industry. So there you have 3 top tips that should get any person just starting out in this industry off to a good start and profiting in the quickest possible time

How to Continually Build Your Network Marketing List

A lot of people who just start with a network marketing company or with a home based business often find it difficult to build a list of prospects, well this is not as difficult as some may think.

So I would like to go over some strategies you can use to help build your list and hopefully have you profiting in the quickest possible time.

1. Concentrate firstly on trying to build yourself before your business opportunity and by this I mean try to offer some value to people this can still be done if you are just starting out... as long as you know a little more about marketing and making money online than they do then they will naturally be attracted to you.
You need to continually invest in your education as this will help to attract people to you as they will see you as someone who can bring value to their lives all because you took the time to learn the skills and gain the required knowledge and by doing this you become more important to your prospects than the business opportunity your involved in.

2. You should have your own auto responder setup if your company gives you one then your most probably building the companies list..this is definitely not something you want to be doing.

Having your own list that you can take with you where ever you go and have the flexibility to market to for the rest of time is so important to your overall success in this industry. So you need to seriously look into getting a third party auto responder setup through someone like Aweber, Get response or I contact, those are all great services that will enable you to build your own list.
Now that you know building your own list is one of the most important factors to your overall success in this industry...I would like to go over some techniques and strategies you can use to build that list in the quickest possible time.

3. Pay per click advertising (PPC) has to be the fastest and most effective way to drive traffic to your business opportunity or product page. Never before have you been able to throw up some ads and in the matter of minutes have highly targeted traffic coming to your website looking for what you have to offer.

4. Social Media sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to interact millions of like minded people, and if used correctly are a great way of generating leads and building that all important list. The people who know how to market using these social media sites are generating dozens of highly targeted leads on a daily basis.

5. Article marketing can help you generate highly targeted leads for your business and is completely free to do. As long as your articles are full of genuine useful content then you can expect to receive traffic form them for years to come.

6. Video marketing is a very powerful way to generate leads for your business and help with personal branding at the same time, in the matter of minutes you can shoot a short video and have it in front of the world almost instantly, there is even some great software that will automatically distribute your videos to up to 50 video sharing sites for you this is very powerful.

7. Forum posting can also be very effective in driving traffic to your site, as long as you bring some form of value to the table through your posts and try to help people along the way then you can expect to receive some good traffic after a while, most forum allow you to have a signature box or resource box where you can leave a link to your site or offer. It's always good to check the forums rules before posting as you may get into some trouble for leaving links in the post itself.

So their we have 7 ways that should have your network marketing/home business up and running in the quickest possible time...And hopefully well on your way to building your own list of prospect because at the end of the day everyone knows the money is in the list.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tips - How to Make Money Online

Tips - How to Make Money Online

1) Sell Product or Service
If you have products i.e. cloth, shoes, or anything that you seldom use and still in good condition or even pets, you could market and sell it online. There are lots of web that you can market your things i.e. eBay,, and etc.
If you are the people that have a skill i.e. cooking, sewing sew, swimming and etc, you can also market your self on line by offering your services.

Create a simple sales letter and launch it to the web. If you don't want to build your own website from the ground up, several pre-existing sites let you create simple web pages at no charge.

For example, you could start a free blog at or to promote yourself and your product.

2) Affiliate Marketing
If you don't have a product of your own to sell, consider selling products on behalf of a third party business. Such sales earn you commissions.

This method is, really, pretty simple. You choose a product you want to sell and go from there. When you make a sale, you get paid.

Sites like ClickBank and PayDotCom are excellent resources for those looking into affiliate marketing . These sites allow businesses to list products and services for people to sell.

There are products to sell in nearly any niche you can think of. So whatever your interests may be, there is something for you to sell.

Provided you comply with the terms of ClickBank/PayDotCom or the business you represent, how you go about about product promotion is entirely up to you. The web has a wide range of promotion possibilities - including blogs, forums, online classifieds, etc.

The income potential from affiliate marketing is virtually limitless. Naturally, the better you are as a salesperson, the better your income will be.

3) Write Articles
Websites are always looking for fresh, workable content. If you like to write, check out one of the many websites on the internet that will pay you to write for them.

eHow, Associated Content, and Bukisa are among my favorites. How much you earn is determined, largely, by how much you write and how much traffic your articles get. Each site has its own earning system.

If you prefer to write on a per-article, freelance basis, sites like Helium and Constant Content may suit your needs better. These sites allow you to take jobs and get paid. (A buyer posts a job requesting an article of a given topic and length - with a listed price. You can submit your article for that job to the buyer, and if your article is chosen, you get paid the preset amount.)

4) Take Surveys
If you're opinionated like me, investigate taking surveys. Businesses want to know what you think of their products. Why? They need to know what people are saying about their products so they can cater to the masses, and they're willing to pay big bucks to get that information.

Keep in mind that there are a LOT of scam sites claiming to work on behalf of these companies. So you must choose wisely. You do *not* have to pay to take these surveys.

Find a reputable company to work with like AC Nielsen, NPDOR, etc

Payment is usually on a per-survey-completed basis. Some companies will pay cash while others will compensate you with gifts, prizes, etc. Either way, it's a good deal.

5) Google AdSense
If you have the tools and the time, consider launching a website, blog, or some sort of home page on which you can place advertising like Google AdSense or Adbrite.

Provided that you can get a steady stream of traffic to your site and your ads are placed well, owning a website can be an excellent income opportunity.

Fast Cash Blogging - Easy Steps To Make Fast Cash Online

Fast Cash Blogging - Easy Steps To Make Fast Cash Online

One of the first question people ask when they first start on the Internet is, how can I make money online? The truth of the matter is, there are many different ways to make money online. In this article we will discuss how to make fast cash blogging.

A lot of people will set up a blog and throw a few Clickbank products on their blog and hope to overflow their bank account with a bunch of sales. Although someone may make a few sales this way, this is not recommended because you are shooting in the dark using this method.

You can make fast cash online but when you use blogging as your primary method, you need to build a relationship with your prospects that will take some time to develop. Try to stay away from all the hype that is being promoted over the Internet and focus on your potential buyers which is the reason you are in business.

It is also recommended that you purchase the products yourself before you try to promote them. This is not mandatory that you do this, but when you use a product that you are trying to promote, you can speak about it from personal usage which will make things a lot easier to talk about it from a personal standpoint.

When blogging for fast cash you need to build trust with your prospects in a way that they know when you recommend a particular product or service it must be worthy enough because of the simple fact that you're mentioning it to them. This kind of relationship will take time but is necessary for the success of your business whether you relate to them through blogging or by email marketing.

Regardless which marketing technique you use, if you want to make fast cash blogging you will benefit the most by communicating with visitors who come to your site and turning them into prospects, which could ultimately become buyers and hopefully repeat buyers.

By: Truby Johnson
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